Vivacious Video Award

vivacious video award district 105

Club Award- 7/10 ( Monthly Aug ‘21– April ‘22)

entry deadline

10th  of  the month from Aug 2021 to  April 2022


Video on a given  topic with maximum duration of 5 minutes. Brand compliant & creative videos will have advantage.


Toastmasters changed my outlook
My Mentor & Me
Toastmasters made me a leader
Toastmasters helped me overcome my fears
Toastmasters helped me in my career
Why is it ok to make mistakes in toastmasters?
Unmatched +vity of being a Toastmaster
Toastmasters is the best place for networking
Learning never ends in Toastmasters
My Pathways Project

award process

5 videos  will be selected & featured on the District’s YouTube channel every month and 1 winner will be chosen

who can apply?

Any club that produces a Toastmasters Video of maximum 5 minutes duration.

winner announcement

On the 5th of the month from Sep 2021 to May 2022

how to apply?

Fill up the application format in the District105 website & upload the video.