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Peerless Podcast Award

entry deadline

10th of the month from Aug 2022 to April 2023


Maximum duration of 8 minutes on a given theme.

1.That moment of clarity in your life
2.Comfort zone is also needed
3.Instinctive decision vs studied decision- your choice
4.Integrity is essence of life
5 One life principle you abide by
6.One habit you are ready to give up
7.When is the best time to ” let go”
8.On a rainy day – a walk, a book or coffee with a friend, your choice?
9.What sparks “adventure” in you?
10.Walking vs Running for fitness
11.Do we ever achieve financial stability?

award process

5 podcasts will be selected & featured on the District’s Podcast channel & every month 1 winner will be chosen.

who can apply?

Any club that produces an audio of maximum duration of 8 minutes

winner announcement

On the 5th of the month from Sep 2022 to May 2023

how to apply?

Fill up the application format in the District105 website & upload the Podcast.


Where Leaders Are Made