DTAC 2023

dtac 2023

Propelling Progress…. Impossible without change

Progress – means to move forward or onward in space or time.
‘Propelling’ is a force that catapults something onwards or upwards.
Imagine the momentum of that forward movement when pummelled by a propulsive force. The resultant creation is nothing short of a metamorphosis.
DTAC is one such enshrined medium that brings about a confluence of the spirit of toastmasters that acts as the force to ignite the infinite possibilities of all its involved members; the experiential transformation is a change towards a bigger and better YOU!
Come, and experience the event! Feel the dynamics of a progressive change!

Arabic Agenda

Meet the Team
Position Name
DTAC Chair Rajendra Varma, DTM
DTAC Arabic Chair Jamileh Al Alami, DTM
DTAC Education Chair Ahsan Jalal, DTM
DTAC Technical Chair TM Vineesh Mathew
DTAC Marketing Chair RohinKumar, DTM
DTAC Admin Affairs TM Godson Varghese

Keynote Speakers

English Semifinalists

Eva A

Eva B

Hum A

Hum B

Int A

Int B



Arabic Finalists