Ability to listen makes a good communicator


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A good communicator is a one who has an Ability to listen.  We all know that Speech is silver whereas silence is gold.  To be a successful communicator one not only needs to be a better speaker but equally important to be a good listener.   We are often inquisitive to talk about ourselves and sometimes ignore what the other person wants to say.  To be a better communicator one needs to when to speak.  There should be a proper balance between speaking and communicating to become the best communicator and excel in our goals.  This balance will open the door for many opportunities.


There are also certain rules to be a Good communicator:

  1. Keep a balance: when talking to your employees or anyone else we should keep a balance and allow the other person also speak.  At workplace we might encounter introvert people who don’t even interact much so they should be given a fair chance.
  2. Don’t be judgmental: while communicating with the employees don’t be judgmental.  If they are free they can come up with a constructive ideas and feedback. There is always something to learn from others.
  3. Communicate face to face: although in this era it’s not possible to communicate face to face became its easier to connect and engage with the other person. One needs to use appropriate body language and facial expressions by maintaining good eye contact and by showing empathy.
  4. Be mindful of body language: Now a days we communicate mostly through emails or what’s apps but when we talk face to face we can read the body language of the other person we can perceive others and how others feel us.
  5. Be honest, authentic and open to the other person. Try to engage with an interesting approach.
  6. If we are not aware of anything we should not feel embarrassed to say that we don’t know. Be frank in your communication skills.
  7. Try to understand the prospective of other person so that you have a good repo and improve your communication skills.
  8. Above all any day if you are stressed by other person calm down and try to understand that situation.

I will highlight some points which can help us make an Active Listener.

  1. Body language: Pay attention to the other speaker by making proper eye contact, body language and gestures to show that you are attentive. Respond appropriately without and give the feedback in a constructive way.
  2. Builds trust: when we listen to other person it builds trust and he speaks to us with confidence.
  3. Increases Knowledge: when we actively listen to another person it increases our knowledge. We should ask questions based on the subject so that the other communicator thinks that he is really learning something new.
  4. Be open minded and listen to other person: don’t jump to conclusions early.  You don’t know what’s going in the other persons mind.  The only way is to listening and reading the face of the other person.
  5. Summarize, summarize, and summarize: after every conversation in which information is exchanged conclude with a summary statement.

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