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saiju victor

public relations manager

Dear Leaders,

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”
— John Maxwell

The aspiration of District 105’s Public Relations team is to become excellent catalyst for empowerment.

Our PR mission for the year 2021-22 is to empower every Vice President Public Relations of District 105 in brand enhancement and awareness by equipping them with the tips, tools and training.

As the first step in this initiative, our passionate team of Toastmasters has come out with a ‘KIT to emPoweR’. This all-inclusive PR Kit is a ready reckoner for any PR personnel. That will serve as the foundation for all of our efforts over the next twelve months.

We will try to reach out to every VPPR of the district with a smile through our PR Patrons. Through our Digital learning capsules, we will make every effort to make learning fun and interesting. Our PR awards will serve as blank canvases on which you can express your creativity. We’ll assist and guide you in using TMI-branded colors to paint those canvasses.

Let’s cherish the moments, enjoy the journey, and move in synergy for success.

With Warm wishes
Team Public Relations
District 105

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Branding & Compliance


The tagline helps to convey our mission, our purpose.

core values

Integrity I Respect I Service I Excellence
These unwavering values are at the core of Toastmasters and stand behind every decision. They provide a means of guiding and evaluating existing operations, near-term planning, and our vision for the future.

brand promise

Empowering individuals through personal and professional development. Our promise encompasses all aspects of growth for members

Branding In District 105

District 105 PR Team takes the branding and compliance to the core of each Public relation activity across the district from posters to the events. As the Branding & Compliance team is in charge of ensuring the Toastmasters brand is used accurately in the clubs, areas, and divisions across the district. We also focus on educating the PR managers on branding by providing training, snippets, and Q&A sessions. We encourage the clubs to focus on the below points on their entire PR activities.

Branding is a Continuous Process

To seed Toastmasters as a force for good in the world, you have to attend to how everyone experiences its brand. And to grow the Toast-masters brand and reputation from that seed, you need to apply all of its brand elements consistently. Watch Branding Snippets Video

By delivering the brand experience in a consistent way, you’ll not only enhance the Toastmasters mission, but you also won’t disappoint anyone who tries Toastmasters, because they’ll know what to expect. And they’ll bring more friends who will bring other friends, and so on…

Refer Toastmasters Revitalized Brand Manual

Follow these guidelines when creating Toastmasters materials. For optimal use, download this file and open it from your computer, not the browser tab. The manual is interactive, you can click on the links in the PDF and the table of contents to get to each section. 

Branding FAQ Do you still have Questions please follow the link.