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Jameel Shakeel, DTM

district director

The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.

Dear fellow members of District 105,

Thank you for giving me the honour to serve you as your District Director for the term 2023-2024.

I have been in this wonderfully rewarding journey of serving my fellow members and leaders for 17 years, a period that has been constantly full of enriching opportunities that have influenced me personally and professionally.

I am certain that all of you have experienced the wealth of unique scopes for growth and development whether you have joined the fraternity recently or for a while.
There is nothing more rewarding in life than giving back and making a difference in others’ lives. We, as part of a unique supporting environment, will reap even more when we pay it forward by supporting other members in their own venture to transform and blossom as better communicators and leaders.

This positive attitude coupled with our unique support system is what has assisted us throughout the past challenging years to stand strong and firm, and unleash our true potential to explore, learn and master new important skills.

My mission this term is to help you meet your own greatest potential and achieve your goals. I aspire to achieve this by assisting you, along with my team of esteemed leaders, in your quest to grow and prosper with the various initiatives introduced this term.

Through Unity, Service, Dedication to Excellence, and along with Joy – we can all push together to reach new heights this year!

So Let Us Come Together and Make a Difference… because United we Excel!

I remain your greatest champion!

Yours in Toastmastering,

Jameel Shakeel, DTM
District 105 Director 2023-2024

We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. We are the first-choice provider of dynamic, high-value, experiential communication and leadership skills development.

district leaders

We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

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Program Quality Director

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Club Growth Director

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District Admin Manager

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District Logistics Manager

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Arabic Committee Chair

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District Dashboard Analyst

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Immediate Past D.D

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District Parliamentarian

division leaders

Director | Division A
Mob: +962797188778
Email: Alkiswani.moho@gmail.com
Director | Division B
Mob: +971506172407
Email: n.bhandari@adnic.ae
Director | Division C
Mob: +971508728874
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Director | Division D
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Director | Division G
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Director | Division H
Mob: +968 92120694
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area leaders

TM Nawal Qaddumi

Director | Area 1
Mob: +962795568680
Email: nawalqaddumi@yahoo.com

TM Maha Alfayez

Director | Area 2
Mob: +962779009020
Email: m.fayez@cs-oxfordcollege.com

TM Murad As Hab

Director | Area 3
Mob: +962777951297
Email: murad.ashab@gmail.com

TM Zaki Ajjawi

Director | Area 4
Mob: +962796939955
Email: Z.ajjawi@gmail.com

TM Qamar Hussain

Director | Area 5
Mob: +971504085664
Email: qamar.icmap@gmail.com

TM Mohamed Faiz

Director | Area 6
Mob: +971504462800
Email: faizh143@gmail.com

TM Nader Lardhi

Director | Area 7
Mob: +971502333178
Email: Nader.lardhi@gmail.com

TM Jerry Damian

Director | Area 8
Mob: +971554412504
Email: jfdamian@gmail.com

TM Riyad Abdul-Salam

Director | Area 9
Mob: +971523958885
Email: riyads1234@yahoo.co.in

TM Christian Vitug

Director | Area 10
Mob: +971506215269
Email: askian0081@yahoo.com

TM Moosa Al-Farsi

Director | Area 11
Mob: +968 – 99338212
Email: moosa_ia@hotmail.com

TM Rita Khimji

Director | Area 12
Mob: +968 – 99315786
Email: rita.chaitanya@gmail.com

TM Kamini Shah

Director | Area 13
Mob: +968 – 92233761
Email: kaminishah300@gmail.com

TM Mohammed Al Rawahi

Director | Area 14
Mob: 96788329
Email: mohammedi.alrawahi@oq.com

TM Ambili Sugath

Director | Area 15
Mob: 93214672
Email: ambili.sugath@alhasharpharmacy.com

TM Ahmed Al Abri

Director | Area 16
Mob: 97477037
Email: ammaroh222@hotmail.com

TM Jeejo Thomas

Director | Area 17
Mob: 97239110
Email: Jeejo73@gmail.com

TM Chempakvalli Vittala

Director | Area 18
Mob: 95851312
Email: champakavalliv@gmail.com

Raja Govindhan, DTM

Director | Area 19
Mob: 93210475
Email: govindanraja@gmail.com

TM Sridhar Kollepara

Director | Area 20
Mob: 94634548
Email: SridharKollepara@gmail.com

TM Preethi Kapil

Director | Area 21
Mob: +968 9524 8814
Email: tmpreetikapil@gmail.com

TM Jayakrishnan.V

Director | Area 22
Mob: +968 9921 5976
Email: yakyajsin@yahoo.com

TM Vineesh Mathew

Director | Area 23
Mob: +968 7935 7070
Email: Vineeshm@gmail.com

TM Saji Joseph

Director | Area 24
Mob: +968 9953 7472
Email: tjsaji@gmail.com

TM Rajasekaran Marimuthu

Director | Area 25
Mob: +968 9834 0555
Email: TMRajasekaran0303@gmail.com

TM Hamsavardhini

Director | Area 26
Mob: +968 96213134
Email: vardh13@yahoo.co.in

TM Thirumurugan

Director | Area 27
Mob: +968 92305015
Email: thirums@gmail.com

TM Manikandan Rajagopal

Director | Area 28
Mob: +968 99375225
Email: text2mani@rediffmail.com


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