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Challenges into Opportunity

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Challenges and adversity in our life help us to discover and explore our  inner strength. Life is full of challenges and the way to face it is to stay  calm and ask ourselves what should be our next move. Whenever we  have any test in our lives it gives us the experience to learn something  

new. When we accept the challenge as opportunity we gain knowledge  and become resilient.  

One of the biggest challenges of our lives we are facing is COVID-19. It  has stopped our travel and socializing. All the meetings and gatherings  have gone online so, as the Toastmasters meetings also have gone  online. When the pandemic was at the first stage I received a link for a  meeting. Prior to that, I had always heard from one of my friend’ who  attended Toastmasters meeting on the offline platform. I never had  the privilege of attending the offline meeting. I took this opportunity in  adversity and joined the online session. During the lockdown there  was negativity all around me, but after I attended my first session as a  guest, I left the meeting with a positive mindset. I really forgot about  the pandemic for those two hours and as a result joined Toastmasters.  Communication is the key to success in every phase of our lives. 

As a totally new member I started moving in the journey of  Toastmasters with gradation. If one has to deliver a speech it has to be  planned, researched and written. This inevitably improved my reading  skills. When I was writing speeches based on my project, I got a vision to think about various subjects. This improved my writing skills as well. 

Changes I encountered after joining Toastmasters.  

  1. Before joining Toastmasters I used to think that I have to take  right decisions in my life but after joining I learned to ‘make my  decisions right.’ 
  2. We all need to have a balance in life and acknowledge the power  within us.  
  3. When we give a speech, it gives us confidence
  4. It improves our communication skills that helps us in dealing with  the outside world with resilience. 
  5. After listening and researching I learnt that I need to respond and face the situation.  
  6. Failures and successes are the part of life. After joining  Toastmasters I learnt to learn from my failures and gained confidence from my success.  
  7. I always had a fear of trying something new, but I now really don’t  hesitate experiencing something new in my life because Fear is  something that stops us.  
  8. I learnt to stay positive in every situation which is really important  in the current era.  
  9. Adversity in our lives brings valuable insights.  
  10. Facing any situation in peaceful way gives anyone the right  solution.  

Life is full of ups and downs like a curve whenever there is any adverse  situation we have an Action Oriented Approach because every day is a 

new day to reinvent and recreate ourselves. Remember success is not  measured by the position one has reached but by the obstacles  overcome in that journey

Thank you! 


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