Communication – Key to Success

communication is the key to success

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If one wants to succeed in life effective communication is the key.  We as humans learn through sharing and communicating.  We all know the ancient old proverb that speech is silver but silence is gold.  Silence is also a way of communication not many people know about it.  It is not important what to speak but it’s very important when to speak.  Communication is very important because it is the process of sharing information, ideas and opinions so one should never take it for granted.

In Toastmasters every role player has specific time allotted and within that time frame one has to complete his speech.  Toastmasters also teaches us when not to speak.  To become a better communicator it’s not important that we speak all the time but also listen to the other person what he is speaking.  Effective communication is required everywhere starting from our school where we narrate the nursery rhymes.  The journey of communication than becomes endless whether its school, workplace or our home.  In order to become a better communicator there are certain guidelines that we all need to follow.

  1. Active Listening: To become a good speaker one doesn’t only need to speak and speak.  He need to listen to the other person carefully, respond with his body language and ask questions related to the topic the other person is speaking to show that he is a good listener.  That will help one person to become a better speaker.
  2. Manage your Emotions: In order to become a better speaker one should know to manage his emotions.  If we allow strong emotions to unnecessary creep into professional setting it can lead to poor communication.
  3. Feedback is important: Just speaking in an effective way is not important.  One needs to take the constructive feedback of the other person to cultivate healthy relationship with the coworkers or with the seniors.
  4. Practice Public Speaking: Now this is where Toastmasters really help us.  If we speak regularly in front of the public magnifies our strengths and weaknesses and will help us in becoming a good communicator. Try to say clearly what you want to communicate with the other person. Also one should avoid using filler word.  Be clear and concise with your speech or communication.
  5. Body language: Body language is very important when we are communicating face to face.  We should stand in one posture and not keep our arms crossed.  We should be relaxed and comfortable, maintain a proper eye contact and face the person squarely.  Body language also includes our voice modulation and facial expressions.

Friend’s communication is the real source of greatness for resolving any issues in the simplest form.  If one is willing to work at it he can improve the quality of his life.   It one of the important skills you require for a successful life. Here I would conclude by saying that one needs to make sure to communicate their idea quickly and talk up to the point.

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