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Don’t be afraid to share what you know

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There is a very profound law of nature, “what goes around, comes around.” Hence, if you want good things to happen to you, do good to others. In today’s world, knowledge and information are the two most important pillars determining our success and wellbeing in personal and professional lives.

Therefore, sharing our knowledge and expertise with family, friends, and colleagues would be one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gestures to help them achieve their goals and live happy and fulfilled life. 

And let me remind you, knowledge sharing comes to us very naturally. We have all grown to uphold the hands of our parents; they have shared their knowledge, experience, expertise, time and money, and most importantly, love, literally everything with us. And we do the same with our children. At the end of the day, history is nothing but documentation of the knowledge passed down from one generation of human beings to the next. So yes, the skills that we possess today result from the knowledge and information handed down to us. 

Friends, our knowledge, skills, and expertise are our unique legacy that should be shared with everyone; it should not die.  

Let me share some key pointers to knowledge sharing at the workplace:

  1. Create a knowledge-sharing platform for the employees, it could be an online portal where employees share their ideas and innovations. We can also have lunch meets where senior employees can meet the newer employees and give them work-related tips.
  2. Ensure that all employees know what resources are available to them and where, for example, a shared Google drive.
  3. There should be regular catch-up sessions of employees where everyone can talk about what they are doing at that point. People can collaborate in case someone needs help.
  4. Knowledge sharing should be acknowledged and appreciated and maybe rewarded. The employees should be made to understand that Knowledge sharing is crucial for the company and leads to the company’s growth comprehensively.
  5. All new employees should have a mentor.
  6. There should be some common areas in offices like a dining hall or cafeteria where employees spend some time and meet their colleagues in an informal setting. This will lead to increased bonding and knowledge sharing.
  7. Allow constructive feedback between various teams working on different projects.

The knowledge and expertise of people within a family or a company is the most important asset which drives us to achieve greater heights. So please take all measures to encourage healthy interactions at home and at your workplace, benefiting everyone. 

Bob Buckman said something very apt, “Don’t be afraid to share what you know because you know it better than anyone else”. So friends do not keep your experiences and learnings to yourself because someone might need them and benefit from them. It would be a great help to the world at large because every byte matters.





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