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Education: A delicious fruit

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Every human at some point of their lifetime needs knowledge to grow up in society. Without knowledge, any human will be like an empty glass of water, and knowledge will only be attained through education.

Education is the base of any knowledge a person acquires. This education can reach up to humans through any medium – school, college, books, family, friends, relatives, colleagues, internet, etc. It’s not that the whole of education can be gained from school only. School provides you education up to primary standard levels, but it is equally important and useful when you step out into this world for your further journey of life.

To know about anything is to get educated. For example, when you are in school you get education in relation to different subjects like history, geography, science, mathematics, languages, etc. When you are in college you are well versed in your chosen subject whether arts, science, commerce, etc. When you attend an interview, you get to know what an interview is and how it is scheduled. When you start working, you get to know about different markets and it’s working depending on the type of company you are working with. When you get married you understand your responsibilities much better than in any part of your life as responsibilities can only be understood through good education. After having children, you educate yourself about your children by studying their behavior and accordingly behave with them because an educated parent is always the best in upbringing their children. So, when you are old, you will have so much experience from the ups and downs of life, gaining so much education in life that you will inspire others for sure. 

But then you see that your life will only be in a proper state if you get good educational opportunities. Your career is always at the top, provided you work hard and smart for the opportunities you get. Education creates not only knowledge but also values, skills, beliefs and moral habits. High level of knowledge and awareness can be gained only through education. Moreover, education helps us to understand ourselves better, which is of utmost importance. Great people happened to be great because of their keenness towards educating themselves in the field they were interested in and so due to their rationalized thinking they could change the world with positivity. 

Due to education, there is a transformation in the transmission of culture to every generation. Education inculcates in us the ability of physical, mental, emotional and social adjustments. It also helps in thinking, reasoning and problem-solving. 

“ Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”- G.K. Chesterton 

A country can almost reach another level of independence, cultural and economic heights if more and more people are educated. Education cannot be that easy to achieve, but it is not impossible in itself, too.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”- Aristotle

The most important thing to remember about education is that it has no age bar. You can gain and grasp it during any stage of your life.

  • Janet Fernandes


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