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Every Problem has a Solution

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Let me take you to my childhood days. I still remember beautiful memories during my childhood. I have loving parents, a caring brother and sister and supporting friends. We were living in Malvan, which was a small town in Maharashtra. Some funny memories of my childhood were more than a learning experience.

Everything was going good till the 8th standard. NO worries, No more Studies, No hardship, more play, and most importantly, no tuition!!
But after 8th std. One trouble chapter started in my life – Maths Tuition.

Timing 6 am morning It was 6 ‘ o clock in the morning. Just imagine a rainy day in the early morning with a pleasant atmosphere outside. I was having a sweet sleep…. When my mother called ”Rajan, wake up – Tuitions time” . I immediately replied, “No mother Dream time !! 5 Min Please’ . When my father called again with his command voice, “Rajan “, I had no choice. This was a regular national morning program happening in our home.

This is the only bad part of the story; the worst part was for tuition class, we had to cross the road where the stray dog was sleeping on the road in the morning. Pet dogs are a pleasure, but stray dogs are a disaster. I was scared of Stay Dogs. One of my friends had once said to me, “ If stray dogs bite you, the doctor will have to give 14 injections in your Stomach.

But we knew the psychology of stray dogs; they never attack the crowd. so used to go tuition with the public means with my two best friends SACHIN & BHUSHAN. We are three!! Two is company and three is crowd!!

But one not fine rainy day after the regular national wake up the program, I called Sachin and Bhushan, but Sachin was out of town, and when I called Bushman he sneezed .. I got an answer. I realized I had to go alone to tuition and face the stray dog.

I prayed to God to save me from a stray dog. I started my unpleasant journey with an umbrella and tuition bag in this pleasant rainy atmosphere.
One stay Dog was waiting for me at the road corner. He saw me and started barking. I ignored him, used an umbrella to avoid him, and walked to the road corner. I was a little far he started barking loudly, and my heart was also beating loudly. That 50 yard was one of the challenging paths of my life. When the stray dog was very near, I had no choice but to run. I ran with an umbrella and tuition bag for life, and the dog ran behind me to bite.
My mind thought BITE, 14 INJECTION, STOMACH, which pushed me to run faster. After 100 yards of running, I got the solution to my problem. I turned back, held my umbrella toward the dog, and started running behind him with an umbrella in front. Now it was the dog’s turn to run for life. He was scared to my sudden action, and his umbrella pointed toward him. He went to his compound, and I went to my tuition as a brave boy.
I realized I was running 100 yards with the solution. But I have seen so many people running with solutions for hours, days, and years when facing problems.

Please make it your habit to find out the solution to your problems and do not run with solutions; remember my DOG UMBRELLA story, but don’t forget to give me credit !!

Remember, all problems have solutions, and if there is no solution, these may not be problems. God has created a key to every lock.


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