Fail Fast for Swift Success

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I have borrowed a virtual magic lamp from Alladin for you to be successful in whatever you do without
fail, do you want to give it a try? Or are you fearful to get such magical success?
We all aspire to be great, and our requirement is simple: Successful always, without failure.
But do you really think it is possible to discard failure and only achieve success? By now, we all know that
Failure is a steppingstone to Success. But the question arises, can we avoid stepping such a stone! Instead
of avoiding, think what holds you from achieving your greatest potential, it is it FEAR OF FAILURE….!!
What matters is how we handle the fear of failure in our life. Look at this perspective:
One who fails 100 times is called an Amateur and failing 1000 times makes you a “Professional”.
Do you know an official definition of Failure? Failure means “want of success”.
And do you knowWhat is Success? Success is a journey from failure to failure.
Likewise, Failure is a journey from Success to Success. Think about it………
But as Children, aren’t we told that failing is bad, and it should be avoided at all costs? It is punishable and
in extreme situations people commit suicide, which is a great cause for concern.
When we are taught to walk, how do we learn it? Without failing? No…… we fail so many times, but we
enjoy falling and again getting up and going a few baby steps. What will happen if we delay our failing? It
will delay our learning, our growth and ultimately our success.
Let me share my story.
Early College days, my Parents received my Chemistry test result, I scored 26/100 and FAILED. A long
lecture from parents followed. I felt very ashamed and decided to immediately take focused action and
bounce back, not on my parents but on situation. What did I do next? Of course, I joined my friends to play
Cricket and soon forgot about it. Later, my second test of Chemistry was announced, I was not prepared. I
quickly gathered my friends – not my cricket friends, but my study material. I welcomed the night, which
was still young. I studied whole night and quickly got ready and went for my Test. After few days my
parents got me a gift because I had literally reversed the number in my favor, scoring 62 instead of
previous. I felt so good. I am sure all of us have similar roller-coaster experiences before tasting Success.
One must play to Win but if you must Fail, better to attempt early and Fail Fast, because:
The faster you fail at something new, the faster you grow and the faster you become successful and
enjoy your life.
I truly wish you all, happy stepping on stones of failure and earn Success in life.