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Good Communicator is a Good Leader

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There are many people who are afraid of trying something new because they have the fear of failure.  Before joining Toastmasters I also was the same.  I never felt of trying something new because of the failure.  Now I don’t take it as a failure but every failure I take it as a learning lesson.  Friends every day is a new day, new hope so break out the fear of failure and move ahead without fear in your life.  There is only one thing that stops us from doing something new is our own fear which is within us.

There are many ways to overcome fear.  One way is to communicate with people you trust and that would give you the right vision towards your problem. When we are small we first communicate with our parents, than in the school we learn to communicate in a better way from our teachers.  In this way we go on becoming better communicators.

The success of any relationship relies on the ability we communicate. Communication is important in all the places be it our work place, home with our family or anywhere in the society.  Effective communication is based on the way we talk and listen and how we respond and also our body language.  It’s a two way process. Communication is not only with our speaking skills but body language also plays an important role.  Communication is the key for achieving our goals.   A person with good communication is more confident and handle the challenges of life in a smooth way.  The more we communicate the less we complicate and the better we feel in our day to day activities.

A leader should be able to communicate promptly.  Clarity comes from clear lines of communication. When we respond to people promptly it is a mark of good leadership and communication.  One also needs to be direct in the communication. The biggest barrier to clarity is our own insecurity.  A good leader needs to be a better communicator.

This is an era of competition.  Right from our schools till our work place we have to compete in every phase of our life. Even the recruiters look for candidates who can communicate information, negotiate and confidently deal with customers.  A person with strong communication always stands first.

If you just communicate you can get by but if you communicate skillfully you can work miracles.  So, it’s always essential to understand the importance of communication.  It is also important to take care when to communicate because anything spoken at the right time and at the right place will yield in right results.  More than that we should have the art to communicate effectively to present ourselves or our ideas in a better way.  Not only communicate but listening is also equally important. To be a better communicator one needs to be a better listener.

Here I would conclude by saying that to be a good public speaker one must have a good personality, good voice modulation and a proper body language.


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