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Happy Birthday Toastmasters International – Cheers to New Beginnings

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A strange beginning, the hard tar road that kissed my tender face, brought me to meet my husband – to new beginnings, that was 25 years ago.

Fast forward, a teeny weeny article in the newspaper that caught my eye, made me persuade my hubby to join this wonderful organization called Toastmasters International and since that day on, he has embarked on a journey of lifelong learnings-15 years ago

His magical transformation caught my curious side and Lo! I too joined the bandwagon 12 years ago to a journey of self-discovery.

We, are still part of these 3 journeys ever since and are truly enjoying the process with all life’s peaks and valleys.

Last year, when the pandemic showed us it’s unpleasant face, life made me change my priorities and Toastmasters and its magic seemed to wane out– I got engrossed in the hustle of life– In the past 18 months, there was that spark in my soul, waiting for the flame to simply light me up and recreate the magic I so felt connected to.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Is it a coincidence that you are reading this blog post–or is there something more deep to this?

For most of you, who joined this magical program, what is your sole purpose? Look back at your lives, when the spark made you join this program, what were you looking forward to? What were your dreams then? What held you on to this program up until now?

When you find the answers to these thought provoking questions, it will bring a deep connection with you and your why. You might get confused at the beginning, slowly as the layers unfold, the “WHY” will unfurl. The internal push and nudge, to attend meetings in person an era ago or even in the squirmy Zoom boxes on our screens now–we feel connected!!

WHY, What is that WHY? research states that people who feel that why and the purpose, live longer, richer and more fulfilling lives. All you need to do is look inwards and delve into the untapped energy and the love you already have, just touch, it feel it and express it, every single day.

Last week after a long hiatus when I was offered the opportunity to be a moderator at a toastmasters meeting, the joy was unimaginable – the flame I missed, I felt at home, in my favourite place, connecting with people and that elation encouraged me to restart scripting speeches, composing poetry and even uploading my blog post here, I reconnected with my lost self. It is magical and beautiful.

The purpose is yours. This life is yours, the answers are yours, listen to your heart and sing the song you love, just be you, love you coz you are the best and the only version of you there ever will be!

As we celebrate Toastmasters this October, cheers to a new rejuvenated me.

What is your WHY? Find it, feel it and reconnect with the life you love, Cheers to new beginnings!!



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