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Head or Heart?

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One of the most interesting battles that have perplexed me the most over the years has been the ominous lingering question applicable in most life situations, whether to use the “head or heart”?

I am sure many of you would have found yourself stuck at this T junction in life, whether to go left or right. And trust me, there is no standard correct answer for this. It has to be entirely situation-based. However, one organ of the two is more powerful than the other in each of us, and the important thing is to identify which one it is.

A simple exercise will tell you this. A very close friend of yours owes you some money, and one morning when you are expecting him to return some of it, he turns up at your door and asks for some more money. The action you take next, and neither of them is wrong, would tell you whether your heart is predominant or the head.

If you end up lending him some more money understanding his need, and not bothering much about when you would get it back, you are a person driven by your “heart”. However, if you start reasoning it out in your mind and avoid lending him any more money, you are a “head” driven person.

Neither of the above decisions is wrong. While it remains your “heart’s” duty to help out a friend in need, it is also your “head’s” duty to secure your interests in the first place, and as such, each one of them is fulfilling its part. The point of emphasis here is which one influences your decision-making process more.

Life comes up with complex situations every now & then. And one should learn to use the “head & heart” in a balanced manner depending on the condition being faced. The idea is to use them both to make yourself even stronger. In strength lies the capacity to handle all challenges in life, and power grows in the moments in which you think you cannot go on, but you continue anyway.

So to make your Head as well as Heart as strong as they can be, do a small exercise over the next 42 days. In a situation that demands the use of Heart, try using the Head each time you come across that situation. Vice-versa, a situation that demands use of your Head, try using the Heart when you are in that situation each time.

This 42-day exercise will bring in a lot of interchangeability between Head & Heart in your life and give you the ability to look at a situation in a more comprehensive manner than a restrictive one. This exercise would open your mind to newer avenues of thinking, and you would end up loving the newer you.

Just 42 days, use your Head where you would usually use your Heart and vice-versa. Don’t think much, Just Do It…


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