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How to make a virtual team work?

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Do you want to know why renowned companies like Zoom and Dell have been listed under one of the best organizations to work from home? To state briefly, they have figured out the secret to managing virtual teams to attain maximum productivity. Stay with me till the end of this blog, and you will be able to do the same.

Why do you even need to know about this?

As we dive into the world of developing technology, we have realized that most of the work is manageable without meeting people in person. Soon we might have to start managing a business from home.

Here are some tips on how to lead a team virtually

TIP 1: Adopt the finest communication technology

Virtual teams are feasible due to the multiple communication channels available to businesses today. Choose a communication style that works best for your team to help them succeed. Employees can use video, chat, email, texting, and other methods to stay in touch and cooperate successfully while working from remote locations.

TIP 2: Record working hours, take attendance, and enforce Rules

Some people are exceptionally disciplined and dependable. They are punctual, stay on task, and avoid all distractions. However, most of us need some accountability. We need to “clock in” and make sure we dodge distractions like Social Media and Youtube.

TIP 3: Give each time zone its fair share

Businesses with various locations are probably used to working around time zones, but those with new work-from-home plans should be aware of the time differences. Don’t expect an employee from Australia to be on a conference call at 5 pm GST — having flexible hours will help everyone stay more dynamic.

TIP 4: Roles and Responsibilities should be made clear

The key to overseeing virtual groups is to clearly and reliably communicate expectations around goals, roles, assignments, and procedures. Since the employees are working remotely, there’s more opportunity for confusion or mistakes. With routine updates and good communication, virtual teams can be as effective as in the office. 

TIP 5: Be an approachable leader

If you’re overseeing a virtual team, you wish to be a source of support and leadership, which implies being there for your team regularly. Apart from the communication devices you employ at work, sharing your phone number might not be a bad idea.

TIP 6: Establish a project management system

Adjusting to new ways is troublesome, and it is twice as bad when it comes to working processes. But project management software helps keep all employees on the same page and prevents work from slipping through the cracks. There are numerous programs out there, so make sure you do your homework to discover one that works for your company.

These are some ways you can keep your team in check. You might sometimes need to personalize your methods depending on your team and their circumstances. But know that leadership requires much more than sticking to the textbook rules. 

So the question I want you to leave me with is, do you think you will now be able to lead a team virtually? Maybe you had it in you all along. All you need is a little push. Think, rethink and reflect.



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