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 “I don’t know, what I don’t know”. – I did not know that an organization like Toastmasters exists?

 “I know, that I don’t know”. – While going through various Roles, Responsibilities and Speaking opportunities, I truly felt that I don’t know the various facets of public speaking skills. 

 “I don’t know what I know”. – In various tasks, I could know that this role can be very well played by me as I know how to do it.

 “I know, what I know”. – I know which role to be played, How the meetings are conducted, How the Pathways projects help me in my professional life.

The whole knowledge, experience and wisdom of life or in Toastmasters or in any of your life aspects, there are 4 basic principles which determine your altitude of success and they are……….

  1. Who do you listen to?

You will definitely not listen to a leader who does not possess the skills which you want to acquire. It is obvious that, if you have a teeth problem, you will go to a Dentist and not an ENT doctor.

Similarly, if you want to acquire speaking skills you need to go to an organization/forum where these are taught or find a guide/mentor.

  1. What is your Teachability Index?

What is your “Willingness to learn” and “Willingness to accept change”? It matters a lot what you are sacrificing? On a scale of 1 to 10 on both i.e. willingness to learn v/s willingness to accept change, then where are we? Mark the scores and then the success and skills will come your way. We should have HIGH willingness to learn and HIGH willingness to accept change.

If we are high on both, then come what may!……… you are bound to achieve success in your life.

  1. Training Balance Scale

I found that you need to have this “Training balance scale” for constantly gauging your performance. On one side of this scale is “Techniques or How?” and the other side is “Your Thoughts or Attitude”. “If your attitude is right then facts don’t count”. This is a race with you and not with anybody.

  1. 4 Basic Steps of Learning-

Unconscious Incompetence- In the beginning, each one of us was Unconsciously Incompetent.

Conscious Incompetence- We fail, we fall but we keep on practicing. That is what is called, conscious incompetence.

Conscious competence- We try our level best to deliver. That is where the conscious competence starts building in you. Remember, this is only possible when we practice, practice, practice.

Unconscious competence- With practice or conscious competence, we have built in us now, we reach to the level of unconscious competence.

For me, “It’s not over until I win” with a dream of becoming the best motivational public speaker!

Happy learning in life!!!


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