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It all starts with an Appetite

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Life has so much on Offer for all of us. We all are in for a treat. There is enough for each one of us according to our interests. We can have anything we like, as much as we want. It all starts with an appetite.

For restricting my wandering on unwanted tasks, my wife tried pushing me into walking. But I couldn’t continue for more than 3 weeks, and it never became my habit. In 2018 I joined a runner’s group. We began by walking 5 km. One Friday evening we decided to get into the 2nd team of runners for a 6 km run instead of the 3rd team of walkers. It was nice. We continued running 6 km for a few weeks before one day our coach pushed us into a 10 km bus. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits. I got off to improve my appetite.

Friday, 11th November, morning just before the gunshot at 6 to start running my first full marathon I was feeling overwhelmed. Am I on the right bus? Lots of thoughts were running through my mind. Probably, it was a call to be there, in present. The start was good. I could sense the magnitude of the challenge ahead only after completing 16 km. A call as per Manifest, a unique opportunity to showcase the steel inside me. Conversation with fellow runners and cheers from my group members & volunteers were instrumental in motivating me until I reached halfway mark. Seeing the Acers & Pacers sprinting toward the finishing line on the other side of the track was soothing. With the sun getting on top and then in front, the average cadence reduced. The calculation of completing the run in 5 hours 15 minutes got changed by reaching the refreshment point at 31 km. Now, the contest was between me and the inner voice whether Surya can’t or can cross the finishing line within the cut-off time of 6 hours. At 40 km the urge to see my coaches and fellow group runners applauding and cheering got stronger. It was like Second Wind for the final lap. I crossed the finishing line just in time, 2 minutes to the cut-off time, precisely 5 hours 58 minutes 7 seconds. Running Al Mouj Muscat Marathon 2022 is a lifetime experience. I was in a staring contest with the Sun for hours. Finally, I left the sun behind.

According to RunRepeat and Coach Ajith LS, throughout the world, about 1.1 million runners finish a marathon each year. That equates to approximately 0.01% of the global population. It’s a great feeling to belong to that awesome group of achievers. It always seems impossible until it’s done, said Nelson Mandela. So true is his principle of Ubuntu. I could complete my half marathon in 2019 and full marathon this season in 2022 because of well-planned training and support from my running coaches and fellow group runners at Acers & Pacers. I am grateful to my running coaches and members!

While I was in recovery mode, I saw a message about the Himam Adventure Trail Run on 2nd December 2022. It was a calling to have a closer look at the Al Hajar mountains and experience the natural diversity of Oman. I completed my first trail run race of 25 km well ahead of the cutoff time.

Now it’s time to launch a Winter Series in MMTC. It will be a fun-frolic and enthralling contest between 4 teams. Teamwork will make your dreams work. Remember, it all starts with an appetite.


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