My Identity

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Have you ever wondered What defines you? is it your looks or probably your inner beauty? Is it your character or the way you behave in a group or rather the way you treat others? Have you ever pondered much on these questions crossing your mind now and then? Well, I never used to – till I was alive!
It was the darkest night ever and I was walking past the graveyard. I saw my wife lamented in tears. I had a closer look on the gravestone she was sitting beside. It had my name engraved. I realized then, I am a dead man and at that moment i questioned what was my definition? my identity? when i was alive.
In this quest, I ran from pillar to post when I looked at the daily online which had my picture saying, ‘End of an era, end of a true leader’. I think i do remember who was I. I was heading a extremely successful organization. In a tenure of 15 years, i had transformed the organization from nowhere to one of the fastest growing Organization in the current era. How i did it? ‘Thought leadership’ – I believed in my employees and I supported them in every way I could. I have been honest with my team, which had established a sense of trust, that promoted respect and a willingness to follow the lead. I assisted people so that they realize their full potential and in doing so i had inspired excellence. I possessed a clear vision, was courageous, had integrity, honesty, humility, and a clear focus on the goals.
I was an effective communicator too. I relayed information about the company’s culture, core values, mission, and crucial messages to share a vision and inspired other to buy that vision. I was the first to take a stab when things went wrong and was the one to put the team in the forefront of a successful project. I was never afraid to explore new non-traditional ways for problem solving and never considered myself too old to learn new things. It took years of perseverance and hard work to get there.
And did I say I am dead – well I am not dead, because everywhere it said, ‘A legend whose leadership style will never die’. This I realized had become my identity, my definition!!
Have you identified what is yours? You can choose to make it BIG and be remembered forever, after you are gone!!