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The First Step towards Self-Actualization!

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Each of us has immense potential. Self-introspection, over time, tells me that I am only scratching the surface of this potential. I owe it to myself to further realise this potential to achieve my aspiration to make a difference and leave an impact. 

Life has offered several opportunities, experiences and wonderful people to learn from, for which I am truly grateful. The lessons have been from doing and saying things or not doing or saying something or not appropriate. 

Over time, I have identified a few steps to take towards self-actualisation, maybe even corrective steps.

The first step is adopting the formula 5HC = SA, where SA is self-actualisation. 

There are five Hs that I consider essential for realising my potential further.  

1H : Hard Work

2H : Humility

3H : Helpfulness

4H : Humor

5H : Health

C : Consistency

5HC = SA

There is no substitute for hard work and, of course, brilliant at being both efficient and effective in what one does—the why, what, by when, how and who, of course, determine the outcome.

It pays to stay grounded. The view from above is exhilarating, but it is a lot more fun and fulfilling when one can remain humble & honest, grounded & grateful and connected with people. 

Helpfulness is more than setting aside a percentage of one’s income for the charity. It is thoughtful and considerate. It is as simple as, among many other things, having a smile on the face, in words and the tone, holding the door open, pausing to pick up something someone dropped and making time for people who need it.

Being able to see the funny side of most things is a gift. Humour lightens the mood & mind and brightens the soul & surroundings. The good news is that even if not inborn, this gift can be acquired over time by making a conscious effort till it becomes second nature. The funny bone can be grown and honed.

Health above everything. Everything in moderation is an approach that I want to adopt and follow. A combination of an active life, physically and mentally, and mindful eating, is the best chance I give myself to stay fit-for-purpose and to make the most of Life.

Practice makes perfect. And the consistent application of the 5Hs will go a long way towards self-actualisation. Being consistent is a challenge that I am conscious of and determined to conquer.

I have Life. I will live Life. I will love Life.

I Aspire to Make a Difference and Leave an Impact!


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