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The Leader in Me

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I am a stay-at-home mom, a parent but am I a Leader?

Back in my college days, my economics professor remarked that I would make a good leader since I had a leader’s pointed nose. I am not sure about my nose, but I am convinced today that parenting might be the best training ground for leadership.

Managing a team is not much different from raising children.

One, both are rewarding and challenging.

Two, you need to have an interest in their development and

lastly, you need to set them up for success and remove obstacles in their path.

As we all know, a leader is very close to his team and knows them well, similar to how I share a close bond with my daughters. I am more of a friend to them than a parent.

A leader encourages self-responsibility and self-belief by giving his/her team a choice, which coincides with my belief in building confidence and empowering my children by encouraging them to choose their path in life.

Leaders have good communicative skills, and as a parent, I always try to avoid commands and reminders while ensuring to listen to my children, thus allowing mutual interaction.

And a leader asks questions that encourage team members to think for themselves about a possible solution to a problem. I know it’s almost tricky, but I always try not to tell my children “No.” I feel this somehow snubs their desires. Instead, I discuss and ask them, “Why they think they need something?”. This approach helps them to understand the outcome and search for alternative options.

So, you see, parenting has made me a leader.

But leadership, like parenting, is not easy. Just as a good parent helps create a path for their child to succeed, a true leader paves the way to success in the business world.

So, to all the corporate leaders out there, if you have issues leading your team, maybe you should look up to a dear old parent for a solution.

After all, the hand that rocks the cradle can lead the world.



Where Leaders Are Made