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The largest swarm of any living species is that of the Argentine ant. They exist naturally on all six continents except Antarctica. The best part about them is the entire population of these ants is one big super colony.

There is no apparent antagonism between any two Argentine ants from different corners of the world. Several comprehensive studies used genetic, behavioural, and chemical analyses to show that all the colonies on separate continents undoubtedly represent a single global supercolony.

If an ant from Japan is dropped in Portugal, this ant will immediately socialise and start performing its duty with these local ants. In my candid opinion, the enormous extent of this population is paralleled by none other than Toastmasters worldwide.

I have travelled the world for work and have lost count of the countries I have visited a decade ago.

I am a very social person. however, as humans, we have divided ourselves by race, language and colour. And it took me a long time to socialise where ever I stayed.

But something changed for me five years back when I walked into a toastmasters meeting as a guest and I experienced an instant connection like I belong to the fraternity. The very same day I became a Toastmaster.

Whenever I travel for work be it Singapore Malaysia India, the USA, or Europe, the first thing I inevitably do is look for a local toastmaster club in the area and attend their meetings. Being a toastmaster, like the Argentine Ant, I am already in the company of my toastmasters.

Many of us join Toastmasters to get rid of stage fear. Some join for confidence, some to discover their inner talent, and some like me joined to achieve a few of these goals while discovering my passion for making new friends.

Hailing from Mumbai for me the only knowledge of south India was idli, medu wada, Masala dosa and Mammootty. But during the recent Toastmasters Onam event in Dubai, I went to feast on Onam Sadhya, with my entire family. And despite the fact that I am not a Keralite, being a family of toastmasters, we instantly gelled and became one of them.

If you go to new places to settle down or travel, do meet members of our Toastmasters Supercolony, they are waiting to welcome you.


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