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What are your views on contests?

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It all begins with the golden word of Practice, Practice and Practice.
Contests show the true capability in yourself. It starts from scripting to practising to presenting at different levels at Toastmasters.

How do you prepare? How do you think contestants should prepare?
I have a unique way of preparing, I have to read the written script once or twice, practice it by standing and delivering, and the script gets by-heart for me. People always keep asking me how do I get it ingrained in me; that is my unique talent of remembering and memorizing my script through

Already contested?
Yes, I have already contested in the past, 2021-2022 is my second year in the Division Contest in the segment of Humorous. I was described as a person who finds different ways to go through the Area contests into the Division Contests very smoothly for two consecutive years. I always have the dream of reaching the DTAC stage and also the International stage.

How was the experience?
The experience was enriching, although I was sad that I couldn’t make it to the next level. As they always say, you always don’t have to be a winner, but I am aiming to be going into the DTAC Level for the Humorous segment and not only for the Humorous segment but also for the other 3 segments that is International, Evaluation and Table topics and also

What is it that you plan to do with this experience?
I am currently going to step into the job market, and with the experience, I have received over the past 2 years because of the back to back division contests I have been a part of, I feel I would be a more confident speaker and orator. As we all know, It is essential to be sure when you speak to people. I also would like to mentor gavel club children once given an opportunity to do so.

What were the learnings from the contest – as a contestant (OR) as a role player (OR) as a member of the audience?
Learnings from the contest are different for different individuals. As a contestant, when you deliver in front of a large audience, you get rid of fears and talk more naturally and freely when talking to the outside world. As a role player and a member of an audience, you see different speeches being delivered throughout any contest.


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