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Training Workshop for Chief Judges & Judges.


8:30 PM


Training Workshop for Chief Judges and Judges

Organized By : PQ EDU

District 105 Program Quality Team presents; Training Workshop for Chief Judges & Judges. Gear up for the Annual Contest season 2023-24! πŸ†

Trainer: DTM Sujatha Parthasarathy
🎀 Facilitator: TM Razia Khatoon
πŸ—“ Date: November 20, 2023, Monday πŸ•£ Time: 8:30 PM

πŸš€ Why Attend?
β€’ Gain eligibility to become a Judge for the upcoming contest season.
β€’ Encourage 3 members from your club to attend and earn a valuable Hall of Fame point!
πŸŽ‰ Don’t Miss Out! Seize this golden opportunity to enhance your judging skills. Mark your calendars, set your reminders, and be ready to dive into a comprehensive 60-minute session that promises growth and expertise.

πŸ“ How to Confirm Your Attendance to earn the HOF point:
1. Join the online ZOOM meeting on November 20, Monday at 8:30 PM.
2. Fill up the feedback form to be considered present.
3. Your session attendance will be automatically recorded from the details provided in the form.

🌟 Make the Most of this Opportunity! Attend the entire session and unlock the potential to elevate your judging capabilities.

πŸ”— Event Link: Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 631 862 7786
Passcode: D105
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